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The Finale area is a territory where luxuriant vegetation alternates with white cliffs in Finale stone, a unique dolomitic limestone formation.

There are numerous caves, mostly explorable, inhabited for millennia by prehistoric man, whose remains are collected in the beautiful Archaeological Museum of Finale.

Thanks to its variety, rich history and beautiful landscape, the inner areas have earned the title of “Outdoor Capital”.


Climbing activities in Final started out in 1968 in Monte Cucco and there are many internationally known sectors, including: Monte Sordo, Bric Scinarco, Rocca di Corno, Bastione di Boragni, Rian Cornei, Rocca di Perti and many others.

The constant discovery of new pathways has led Finale Ligure to boast more than 3000 routes with a variety of climbing styles and different degrees of difficulty, satisfying the needs of climbers of all levels.

The limestone rock, characterized by holes and drip holds, makes this area one of the most challenging climbing spots in the world.




Hiking is also an extremely popular activity, with countless paths to walk on various levels of difficulty.

Caving Routes


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